The Vensim MDL documentation tool (ver 5.0, Jul 23, 2014) is a tool for Microsoft Windows .NET.

This tool was developed by the Decision and Information Sciences Division at Argonne National Laboratory, and was inspired by Oliva’s (2002) work on HTML model documentation.

The SDM-Doc tool takes a Vensim model (an MDL file and its associated optional VPM file) and generates HTML output and provides customizable diagnostics. For a description of the tool and its purpose, see:

SDM-Doc is provided under a BSD open source license.

The provided compiled version of SDM-Doc runs under MS Windows, and requires that the Microsoft .NET Framework is installed on your computer. Before you can use SDM-Doc, you need to install the free Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework Standalone version on your machine. If it is not already installed on your computer, search and install it from the web. You may need administrator privileges on your computer in order to install the .NET Framework. If so, contact your network administrator. Installing the .NET Framework only needs to be done once on each computer.

SDM-Doc also requires the open source Ionic zip dll library, which can be downloaded from the link shown below. Downloading this library only needs to be done once on each computer.

Samples of output generated by the SDM-Doc tool:

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Ignacio J. Martinez-Moyano, Ph.D.
Argonne National Laboratory
(630) 252-8824