The SDM-Doc tool was developed by the Global Security Sciences Division at Argonne National Laboratory, and was inspired by Oliva’s (2002) work on HTML model documentation.

For a description of the tool and its purpose, see:

SDM-Doc is provided under a BSD open source license.

Two versions of the SDM-Doc tool are available:

  • The Java version (ver 1.2.59, December 5, 2016).
  • The .NET version (ver 5.0, Jul 23, 2014)

SDM-Doc/Java Version 1.2.59 (December 5, 2016)

The latest Java version provides a number of new enhancements to the original Java version 1.0. New capabilities include but not limited to:

  • Stock and Flow Diagrams are included
  • The model will be translated into pure Java
  • The model will be executed to generate thumbnail graphs of variable values (provided model is runnable)
  • Thumbnail variable value graphs can be included in report
  • Loop detection is enhanced to allow for time and number of loops limitations
  • Loop detection is enhanced to allow for automatic discovery of maximum loop length
  • Loop reporting is enhanced to include variable pair loops in common
  • Loop reporting is enhanced to include quick access to loop contents by variable

This point release contains a few minor bug fixes for the previous version (version 1.2.44) plus:

  • Enhanced link polarity logic. The new logic extracts from the results of the execution of the baseline run the range of values for each variable in the model. These ranges are used in conjunction with the equations to determine link polarity. Link polarity will be one of: Positive, Negative, or Inconsistent. Inconsistent indicates that the link polarity is dependent upon the values of the variables during the analysis, Now that actual model execution values can be used in the analysis, equations that previously would have been be classified as Inconsistent might now be classified as Positive or Negative given the limiting range of values for the variables in the equation.

The software is distributed as a Zip file. Simply download the Zip file appropriate for you operating system and extract the files onto your computer. Executable scripts are provided for running the tool.

Download the Windows-specific Zip file here.

Download the Unix-specific Zip file here. Note that the Unix-specific Zip does not include jre.

Download the latest SDM-Doc/Java User Guide here Note: a new version will be available shortly.

Download the latest SDM-Doc/Java Source Code here.

Sample output generated by the SDM-Doc tool:

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